Woodworking engraving machine is newest 7 big technical characteristics!

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Under the current form of woodworking engraving machine technology function is getting stronger and stronger, application of woodworking enterprises is more and more time in the process, to introduce the following seven latest technology characteristic of woodworking engraving machine, let everybody feel the progress of science and technology bring convenience. Figure 1 a, display and processing locus and simulation, visual display and processing process, observe the processing effect, can be in advance to the rationality of the processing results, which can reduce the cutting process, the necessary processing cost. 2, can be to evaluate processing scheme, help you to choose the reasonable processing technology. Second, the breakpoint memory function when you suddenly loses power equipment ( Or cutting knife, or due to the material processing of materials and half finished carving, or some places still need to be further processed) , can continue to use this feature make carving work. Three, optimization of arc instruction to circle as engraved as fast as straight line, plane very smooth after using arc instruction, sculpture curve more quickly and smooth, embossed effect is more good, and carving process of no pause. Four, can be compatible with all kinds of good in the world of software to connect the world's best engraving software, such as: MASTERCAM ARTCAM etc. Can also be compatible with domestic engraving software, such as carved JDP, Thai, etc. Five, can edit directly opposite the G code when a user made of G code need to be further modified, can be read directly, In the WINDWS notepad format open) , convenient for you to the operation of the file. Six, woodworking carving machine to programming can directly edit some simple program, used to test the performance of equipment can also be transferred to advanced users require special programs need seven, the processing time greatly convenient you choose, by means of a piece of the same product, you can compare, and then select the product that you satisfied, if you need mass production product, you can budget your processing time consuming, can also help you to choose the most efficient processing mode.
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