Woodworking engraving machine carved in shaking in the process of how to solve?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
As the saying goes, 'no one is perfect, gold without gather'! Whatever may appear some problems, the multi-function woodworking engraving machine, carving products one hundred percent can not satisfy our customers, especially the lettering is not smooth, fault at this moment we are about to find out why, timely solve. Engraving machine engraving tactlessness basically has the following two reasons: 1, the carving machine y or x axis clearance may also have clearance, two axis at the same time, cause shaking in the process of carving carving path deviation cause lettering is not smooth. 2, carving machine, led to huge difference between linear velocity and speed curve engraving machine in shock when go curve ambassador carving path deviation and appear lettering is not smooth. Solution: 1, the first kind of reasons such as engraving machine is a circle will think of some way to change guide or slider, action will be big, depending on the reason. If need to adjust the up and down or side rail is simpler to slide block before and after. 2, the second reason is to change the speed of a straight line or curve, change the value in carving machine and its parameters. Determination of X direction and Y direction is the same way, here we just say X direction. First by making small adjustments to the left side of the tool very close to the materials, with the hand gently rotating knives, until the tool has just come into contact with the material, then the left X artifact reset at this time, and then to raise the cutting tool, move to the right, is the tool has just come into contact with the same material on the right side, take note of the X workpiece coordinates. Then the general location of this number is material at the center of the X direction. The same goes for the Y direction. Woodworking engraving machine so the center of the X and Y direction is sure down, also is equivalent to the origin of the workpiece. Our jia bang CNC engraving machine can be used to accurately will find is material, on the spindle clamping a straight knife, then put the tool on mesa, running along one side of the material, an edge of used materials and tools directly to find the cracks in the material.
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