With laser cutting machines

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Laser cutting machines is currently many enterprises to solve mass before die cutting proofing version and from small batches of the knife mold cutting work, before any industry for every order, the original link is proofing. If proofing process didn't get customer approval, then this order certainly did not belong to us, so pull this link is particularly important. And die cutting machines is also we have more contact in the proofing process equipment.

mass die-cutting die-cutting machines mainly used for solving the proofing before the fixed version and small batch of the knife mold cutting work, and is the indispensable equipment in production, also is the most effective tools for die cutting engineering master. The traditional blade die cutting machines and laser cutting machines are two common proofing in die cutting production equipment,

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the advantages, laser die-cutting machines

laser machines with the heat of the laser beam to the customer designated material die cutting molding, so as to achieve a custom shape and size. Suitable for do double-sided adhesive, foam, dust-proof net, PVC, protective film, conductive cloth, etc. For some die cutting do special processing, such as small products, microporous, special shapes, laser machine can be achieved.

the advantages of laser die-cutting machines:

1, compared with the traditional way of die cutting, laser die cutting canceled die cutting plate and other hardware, reduce the production cost of the part; 2, because does not involve the use of plate making, thus greatly shorten the production cycle;

3, anti-counterfeiting function;

4, high cutting precision;

5, eliminate mechanical shock, greatly improve the working environment, save a space.

6, cutting speed, suitable for large quantities of proofing and normal production.
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