Why is stone engraving machine misplaced?

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Stone engraving machines often have dislocation. Many people don't know much about the reasons for stone engraving machines, so they don't know how to repair them when repairing them. So, what is the reason for the dislocation of stone engraving machine? Next, Xiao Bian will simply analyze it for everyone. 1. Reasons for the driver: problems with the structure or electronic components in the driver itself will also cause dislocation, which is the most common reason; If the number of times appears is not much, and the speed is lowered, sometimes it can be engraved normally, which means that the drive is not completely broken. If the engraving is misplaced at the beginning, the drive is completely broken, this kind of drive can be repaired or worse. 2. The reason for the voltage: the power required at work is large. If the voltage is too low to supply insufficient power to the driver, the power will not reach the dislocation phenomenon. Generally, the y axis is the most, this phenomenon may be caused by insufficient external voltage, or someone uses high-power equipment such as electric welding on the same line, A good solution to this problem is to install a 50000-watt regulated power supply, but the error range of this regulated power supply should not exceed 5%, preferably within 3%. 3, interface board, Motherboard, adapter board reason: if the interface board, Motherboard, adapter board is broken, the machine in the process of work, one direction or three axes are not moving, resulting in engraving dislocation. 4, spindle motor reason: if the stepper motor or servo motor, the whole machine does not move in a certain direction, the hand screw can not turn. 5. The reason of the machine body itself: there is a problem or looseness of a part on the machine tool, and there are impurities on the surface. There will also be misplacement imagination. If the coupling is loose or broken, there will be misplacement and guide rail, there will also be dislocation when the lead screw is not cleaned and refueled. 6. If the engraving machine tool line is broken, this phenomenon will also occur. The above six points are specially summarized for everyone. These six points are the basic reasons for the dislocation of stone engraving machines.
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