Why has the price of engraving machine been so high?

by:Transon     2020-03-07
At present, engraving machines have more and more functions and more extensive application scope. In short, the engraving machine industry is in short supply. Therefore, the price increase of engraving machines is inevitable, but why has the price of engraving machines not been reduced? If you also have this question, let's look down together. Everyone now knows that the engraving machine market is rather chaotic, with many manufacturers and distributors. The market competition is fierce. There are many manufacturers in order to compete and sell low-cost customers, resulting in many customers have the wrong choice, that is to find cheap. There is nothing wrong with market competition, but price war is a wrong choice. Many manufacturers will make low-priced products if they buy machines for customers' low-priced needs, this will not bring favorable value to customers, but will also bring pause to the engraving machine industry. In order to do low-price machines, engraving machines will not have new development and new research and development. Advantages of engraving machine: 1. Energy saving: the biggest loss of energy comes from the spindle motor. Traditional woodworking engraving machine needs to manually control the spindle cutting motor, which inevitably forgets to close the spindle after carving, resulting in energy waste and potential safety hazard. And our woodworking engraving machine automatically stops after the machine stops working. 2. Offline: Considering the surrounding environment and convenience of woodworking engraving machine, a new control system is adopted. The computer can be connected with woodworking engraving machine without data cable at all, and the operation is simple and the compatibility is strong. 3. Vacuum adsorption: traditional woodworking engraving machines use pressing plates to fix the plates, which inevitably causes the plates to be unable to be fully utilized or to be troublesome to operate. Pinker CNC woodworking engraving machine uses vacuum suction to fix the plate on the carving table, which is divided into six areas to process plates of different sizes. 4. Dust collection: considering the influence of dust and flying environment in the process of carving wood boards by woodworking engraving machines, dust collection devices are needed to solve the problem. 5: handle control: Everyone knows that there are two kinds of control methods for woodworking engraving machines, and the handle control is for those who are not easy to operate the engraving machine. This is why the current engraving machine price has been in such a high state, so if you need to buy it, you can look at it again for a while.
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