Why does the engraving machine have a tool fracture during operation?

by:Transon     2020-02-29
When using the engraving machine, everyone needs to pay special attention to each part. If the tool breaks when the engraving machine works, it will not be able to continue the work, so everyone must take measures to solve it. There are many situations that lead to the fracture of engraving machine tools, and the following are only a small part: the causes of tool fracture: 1. Feed too fast 2. Excessive amount of defoliation 3. The blade length is too long or the total length is too long 4. Solution to tool fracture with excessive wear: 1. Reduce the feed rate 2. Reduce the feed rate per tooth 3. The fixed shank is deeper and a shorter end mill is used 4. Early grinding people who have used woodworking engraving machine know that in the process of processing often appear the phenomenon of the workpiece stick knife, there are also many customers to consult our technicians how to solve this problem, first of all, the first case is that the material does not melt and sticks to the tool. This phenomenon mainly appears in the material of the processing metal, especially the phenomenon that is easy to occur when processing steel, the main reason is that the cutting heat is too high and the cutting speed is too low. Compared with this situation, Jiaying numerical control has summarized the main solutions: 1. Adjust the spindle speed to increase the spindle speed; 2. Reduce the feed speed; 3. Improve the cooling method, change the position where the coolant is applied, and add it to the position where the tool is cut out, which has a better cooling effect. The second case is that the material melts on the tool. This phenomenon generally appears in the processing of non-metallic materials. The main reason is that the material melts due to the large cutting heat. These are the reasons that may cause the engraving machine to break when it is used. After we find out the reason, we need to take measures to repair it.
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