What types of cutting tools are generally used in engraving machines?

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Engraving machines are common and widely used in our life. For the engraving machine, the type of tool used is very important. For the engraving machine to drive, the engraving is carved by hand, and the time is long and the amount of work is large. However, the requirements for cutting tools are also very high. With the development of social science and technology, the emergence of engraving machines and the development of engraving machine technology, most engraving products now have many engraving processes and can achieve standardized production, and the time is greatly reduced, only in the details or there is artificial fine carving. The use of cutting tools for engraving machines is an art. Different types of cutting tools can produce different effects. Let's briefly talk about various cutting tools. 1. Single-blade spiral ball-end milling cutter for deep relief processing of Cork, density board, primary wood, pvc, etc. 2, single blade, double blade up and down cutting milling cutter face processing, the upper and lower surface without Burr cutting processing is more appropriate. 3, double-edged straight slot milling cutter is more suitable for multi-layer board, splint processing tools. 4. Multi-stripe milling cutter rough machining particleboard, multi-stripe milling cutter is one of the necessary tools. 5. The single-edged spiral milling cutter is fast and efficient in processing, and does not stick chips, because its special manufacturing process can ensure that it does not burst during processing, extremely fine knife lines are suitable for acrylic cutting. 6. The double-edged large chip removal spiral milling cutter has the characteristics of no blackening and smoke. It has two high-capacity chip removal grooves. The double-edged design not only has good chip removal function, can achieve tool balance, especially suitable for processing high density board. 7, single blade special aluminum milling cutter processing process non-stick knife, speed is also fast, high efficiency is especially suitable for aluminum plate processing. 8, round bottom carving knife for precision small relief processing. The above are all tools that engraving machines often use. You can know more about them so that you can better use engraving machines.
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