What should the operators of laser products pay

by:Transon     2021-03-18
The laser equipment is a professional product. The operator must pay attention to the following points when using it:
1. The operator of laser equipment must be specially trained to reach a certain level and can only operate on duty with the consent of the safety administrator;
2. The laser equipment operator or the person approaching the laser during laser use should wear the corresponding laser goggles and protective clothing. There must be good indoor lighting in the area where the goggles are worn to ensure the operator's smooth operation. To protect the operator, it is necessary to have a processing room or a protective screen. The processing room should have a device to protect the laser from spreading and protect the operator's safety. When the processing room is opened, should turn off the laser;
3. Please read the instruction manual of each product carefully before use, and strictly follow the method in the instruction manual to use the corresponding equipment;
4. Please maintain the equipment regularly to eliminate hidden troubles in advance;
5. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the laser's external optical path's related components without permission. HG Laser will not assume any responsibility for the failure of the equipment due to the unauthorized disassembly;
6. Non-professionals cannot disassemble the equipment; qualified HG Laser professionals should carry out repairs. For safety, please do not damage the label and open the cover. Otherwise, any damage to the product will not be covered by the warranty;
7. If you have any questions about this product, please first contact the relevant after-sales maintenance personnel of our company to answer you.
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