What should the engraving machine pay attention to after use?

by:Transon     2020-04-01
Engraving Machine belongs to a kind of combined processing in terms of processing principle. Usually people can use engraving machines to engrave some relief works of art or carry out large-scale cutting work. In short, with this kind of engraving machine, it can save manpower to a great extent and also improve work efficiency. Next, let's introduce what engraving machine should pay attention to after use? First, the transmission system needs to be lubricated. Generally speaking, the engraving machine will run continuously when it is used, that is to say, it will last a long time. In this case, after the engraving machine is used, it is necessary to lubricate the transmission system. Only in this way can the smoothness of the transmission system be guaranteed for the next use. When adding lubricating oil to the transmission system, attention should be paid to cleaning first. Second, after use, be sure to cut off the power supply. The engraving machine needs a little attention after use, that is, cut off the power supply in time. Usually to ensure that the power supply is cut off, is to look at the engraving machine monitor has no display. It must be ensured that the monitor of the engraving machine does not have any display, and the main circuit power indicator is off. Only in this way can we really cut off the power supply. Third, some parts need to be inspected. Generally speaking, after the engraving machine is used, the user needs to carefully inspect the parts of the engraving machine every three months or so. At this time, the main inspection items are to see if the connecting screws on both sides of the gantry are loose. If there is loose phenomenon, tightening measures should be carried out in time.
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