What should I do if the engraving machine has too much noise during operation?

by:Transon     2020-03-11
It is very normal for the engraving machine to make a sound during operation, but if the engraving machine is too noisy, it will also have some bad effects, which will inevitably make people feel dissatisfied. However, if the engraving machine is too noisy, it may be caused by some faults. It is best to find out the specific reasons in time and then find a solution. The stepping motor of the engraving machine has a pause every step, and it is normal to have noise. At a certain frequency, the relief engraving machine will also produce body resonance and make obvious noise. This kind of noise will not affect the normal use of the machine. The noise that affects and is harmful to engraving machines is mainly manifested in the following two categories: 1. Abnormal noise occurs when the spindle motor is running. The generation of this kind of noise proves that the spindle bearing has quality problems or the service life of the spindle bearing has reached, or the quality is reduced or damaged after wear and tear, and replacement can be considered at this time. 2. Abnormal noise when walking axially. This kind of phenomenon mostly exists in the x axis. Tombstone engraving machines are mostly damaged in axial motor bearings or lack of lubricating oil in x-axis guide rails, dirty and tight, ball wear, ball drop, etc. , which must be handled in time. All of the above are the reasons that may cause too much noise in the engraving machine. You can check your engraving machine according to the above.
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