What is the method of making the ancient bamboo slips

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Bamboo slips, a written text, images, or other specific symbols painted on the processed in advance of bamboo books form. The process is simple, the green bamboo cooking, said today (Monday) to roast, let its & other Sweating & throughout; Dehydration, called & other; Director & throughout; , prevent after deformation, not easy to be eat by moth, and to write. Therefore also called bamboo & other; Throughout history &; , extended to book, through the
first to select fine bamboo ( This & other; Bamboo & throughout; The green bamboo) As & other; Green & throughout; ; Then, cut rectangularity of bamboo, baked pieces of bamboo with fire again, on the one hand is to facilitate the writing and the other aspects for dry insects. Baking, fresh wet original bamboo piece, be baked up from the water, like sweat. This is the process of baked green bamboo & other Throughout history &; .
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