What is the CNC glass carved machine? What is its working principle? Processing speed regulation?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
We often hear people say that the glass carved machine, so what is the glass carved machine? What is the principle? Today, small make up, Shenzhen large nc equipment co. , LTD. ) Just want to introduce to you what is glass carved machine, and other small knowledge, hope to help everyone. A, what is the glass carved machine? Glass carved machine is a kind of nc machine tools. Are the characteristics of glass carved machine machine, high machining precision and stability, product fine, processing speed, high production efficiency. Carved machine can also be called: glass engraving machine, punching machine, glass edge grinding machine, shaped glass cutting machine, grooving machine, precision glass forming machine. Glass carved machine mainly used in various types of ultra-thin glass fine processing, special-shaped cutting, all kinds of flat glass, marble and other hard materials on single line, milling, 3 d, relief carving process operation, etc. Widely used in all kinds of glass, glass processing, craft industry, etc. Second, the glass carved machine works? Glass engraving machine work is a special sculpture through computer configuration software to carry on the design and layout, and the design and layout of information by the computer automatically sent to carving machine controller, and then by the controller can convert the information to drive stepper motor or servo motor with a power signal, Pulse sequence) , control engraving machine host generation X, Y, Z three axes carving knife subgrade diameter. At the same time, carved on the high speed rotating head carving, by processing materials configuration tool, for fixed on the host workstation's processing materials for cutting, carving it out in the computer design of various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, to realize the automatic carving homework. Simple said is graphic input, data processing and machining process of the automatic control of three parts. ( 1) Graphic input: will be ready for engraving graphics through software processing, sorting into computer can identify the digital graphics file, in order to control processing machinery work automatically. ( 2) Data processing: the carving software with computer graphics file processing, sorting out further processing can be control electrical signal processing and mechanical action. ( 3) Process automatic control, computer instruction execution, carving processing complete graphics. In the whole process, the operator only responsible for the input data processing, upper and lower artifacts and monitoring process, other work is equipment automatically. Three, carved glass machining speed and how to adjust the knife depth is best? Glass is a fragile items, this peculiarity makes on the glass for artistic expression becomes difficult. Then carved glass machining speed and how to adjust the knife depth can reach the best effect? Most people would think that in the use of carved machine, carved machine processing speed and depth adjustment to the largest under the knife, carved machine speed will be faster, this is a big mistake. Machine speed and depth are related to material under the knife, if transferred to the largest of the next knife, will affect the service life of cutting tool, often caused by broken knife, the cost will be high. Advice to two-thirds, this does not affect the service life of cutting tools, also can improve the processing speed. Can also be rough machining, first with larger diameter cutter, then fine processing, small diameter cutter. Which can not only save costs, improve efficiency, also can ensure the precision of the products. Specific how to operate, still need according to their own requirements and the characteristics of the machine.
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