What is sculpture three-dimensional cylinder engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Namely the round cylinder engraving machine engraving machine or three-dimensional carving machine. Commonly used in wood carving or stone Buddha, portrait, animals, woodworking engraving machine, Roman column, and hand pieces, etc. Big to Roman column can be carved. Everyone know to do different industries use carving software is different also, the commonly used article in charge of the advertising industry software, woodworking carving machine woodworking industry commonly used fine woodworking engraving machine engraving software, so do the round user? There are three software can be used: the first is the carved software; The second is the numerical control software; The third is professional POWERMILL software; Each have advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of software: if severs to easy, POWERMILL software is the most difficult, carved software second, numerical control software is the most simple, but the market cracked version of woodworking engraving machine CNC software is rarely, so most users still choose made round path, carved software generally round at the STL format, in addition to manufacturers supply gallery, users can also the be fond of according to oneself to taobao to buy, the price is cheap. But for some it is hard to find a graphics, you need 3 d scanner and 3 d imaging agent these two things collocation is used with 3 d scanner to scan the finished product, you can export the graphics, then make a knife with carved software, finally can be carved out to waste.
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