What industries are engraving machines applied?

by:Transon     2020-04-09
What industries are engraving machines applied to? 1. Advertising and gift manufacturing: they are used to engrave all kinds of double-color plate signs, organic Glass, Van Gogh Shimen brand, three-dimensional bulletin board, decorative gifts, two-color statue of light box, relief medal, wall-mounted lamp house, light guide plate carving lamp house, organic plate relief three-dimensional door, etc. 2. Mold industry: engraving button relief mold, printing bronze mold, injection mold, blow mold, stamping mold, eye mold, etc. 3. Tobacco industry: used for packaging anti-counterfeiting marks of cigarette boxes, template making and cigarette wheel making. 4, printed circuit board (PCB)Circuit production, drilling and milling, etc. in product development. 5. Automobile Industry: tire mold, lamp mold and decoration mold processing. 6. Mint industry: making banknote printing watermark anti-counterfeiting mold and coin mold. 7, packaging industry: luggage bronzing, carton packaging glue font production. 8. Model manufacturing industry: making sand table models, house models, etc. 9. Make all kinds of employee badges, all kinds of doorplates and sign cards. 10. Seal industry: seal carving of various fonts and materials 11. Shipbuilding industry: plane layout of cabin boards and sign carving. 12, mechanical processing industry: dial wheel and scale engraving. 13. Wood Industry: used for relief pattern design and production. 14, camera aperture zoom parts and scale processing. 15, water tank compressor valve plate and other complex parts processing. 16, hydraulic pump shaft stator seal oil groove processing. 17, EDM machine tool plate engraving processing. 18. Printing Industry: used for concave-convex plate production. 19, watch watch notice case mold manufacturing. 20, pastry mold making, etc. , winning enumeration. 21, golf ball head word and line processing. 22, inkstone head art carving processing. 23, motorcycle shift lever processing. 24, bowling ball lettering. 25, decorative products carving. 26, jewelry fine carving. 27, bathroom faucet carving. 28, shoe bottom mold processing. 29, smoking set carving.
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