What if the price of buying woodworking engraving machine is too high?

by:Transon     2020-03-13
When we buy woodworking engraving machines, we may encounter a situation where the price is too chaotic. Some woodworking engraving machine manufacturers offer high prices, while others offer low prices, therefore, I don't know what price should be taken as the standard to avoid mistakes. In fact, when you buy a woodworking engraving machine, you can take a look at the following contents. At present, there are many manufacturers of woodworking engraving machines, and the prices of woodworking engraving machines are different. Manufacturers and manufacturers are fighting a price war! This constitutes a misleading to those who buy woodworking engraving machines. In fact, it is very simple. Both large and small manufacturers have costs. The price of woodworking engraving machine is proportional to the configuration. If you choose woodworking engraving machine, it still depends on what you carve? How big is the material that needs to be carved? What is the required accuracy? If the price of woodworking engraving machine is cheap, you can choose it if the price is high. Buying a machine depends on how much you need. In fact, the quality of woodworking engraving machines is almost the same now. Every penny is worth every penny. Customers can only maintain the price reduction from the accessories of the Machines. The cost performance depends on the accessories used by the machines and the integrity of the manufacturers, there are also the character and after-sales service of local agents! First of all, look at the price of a woodworking engraving machine, to see the specific platform size of the woodworking engraving machine. The larger the size of the processed sample, the higher the price cost. Conventional sizes on the market include 1300 x 2500mm, X, etc. Secondly, the price of woodworking engraving machine has a great relationship with the region. Everyone knows that the more concentrated the engraving machine manufacturers, the lower the price. There is competition, there is quality, and it is recommended that manufacturers should not only look at the price when purchasing engraving machines, but also compare the quality. The production of woodworking engraving machines is concentrated in Jinan, Qingdao, Weifang and other regions. Third, the price of engraving machine is directly related to the configuration. The configuration mainly includes: engraving machine control system, spindle head number, servo control, vacuum adsorption, screw guide rail and other accessories, which are the direct factors affecting the price of engraving machine. Based on the above, the price of woodworking engraving machine is not a fixed amount, which is closely related to the configuration, function and region of engraving machine. The price of three-axis engraving machine is also very different from that of four-axis and five-axis engraving machine, please make a judgment according to the actual situation. In short, if you want to buy a woodworking engraving machine at the right price, you still have to compare the prices given by several woodworking engraving machine manufacturers.
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