What factors can make engraving machine spindle fracture

by:Transon     2020-04-22
1, the first reason is that the quality of the carving machine spindle problem, that is to say, the spindle itself quality closes nevertheless resulted in the damage of bearing. Use the poor quality of bearing, when carving machine spindle high-speed shorter service life, easy to damage is easy to explain. 2, the second reason is carving spindle cooling system have no effect. Engraving machine spindle water-cooled have water cycle system, if the water cycle is bad for a long time, or forget to water circulation, time grows, can appear heat effect, which resulted in increased friction, causes the damage of the bearing. 3, the third reason and carving machine operation, some spindle speed haven't reached began carving, easily lead to bearing damage, some customers at the time of carving carving material resistance is not the same size, did not cause any damage to the carving machine spindle adjust speed. 4, the fourth is for water-cooled spindle must prepare antifreezing measures in winter, the water in the winter freeze in pipeline rupture of the norm, carving machine spindle is frostbite.
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