What are the unstable factors of woodworking engraving machine in operation?

by:Transon     2020-03-02
The stable operation of woodworking engraving machine is not only related to the user's usage, but also to its own quality. When you use the woodworking engraving machine, you all hope that its stability can be guaranteed, so the next small editor will tell you what are the unstable factors in the woodworking engraving machine. The stability of the numerical control system of the woodworking engraving machine is very important. If the control system of the woodworking engraving machine is unstable, such as the internal heat of the numerical control system in summer or the damage of the fan or hard disk, the numerical control system cannot work, enterprises need to stop production for a week to wait for the replacement or repair of the system, which is a serious loss to both enterprises and manufacturers. Shandong Minglong electronic technology has summarized the following effective measures based on years of practical operation experience, hope to get the user's reference and reference! Unstable factors include: 1. Software interpolation operation and Windows system Windows system are not real-time operating systems, which are suitable for office automation, but not for industrial real-time numerical control, especially when the numerical control system uses software for cutting interpolation operation, once the operator conducts the acceleration and deceleration operation at the cutting inflection point, the cutting process will be interrupted immediately. 2. High-frequency CPU high-frequency CPU has a large amount of heat dissipation, so fans must be used, which often leads to overheating of the numerical control system in summer. 3. Civil fan, civil fan in the dust high temperature and other harsh industrial environment operation, will inevitably wear aging, service life is very limited. Once the fan is damaged, it will inevitably lead to CPU and motherboard damage. 4. Civil large hard disk with mechanical rotating medium, high-speed rotation leads to fever, vibration causes hard disk damage, easy to be infected with viruses, instability is very high. The above are the factors that cause the instability of the numerical control system. How to overcome the unstable factors, Weihong gives you the following suggestions: 1. The hardware axis card interpolation operation replaces the software interpolation operation through the hardware axis card interpolation operation, so that the interpolation operation is carried out on the bottom layer of the computer, namely the axis card, without Windows system and high main frequency CPU. 2. DOS operating system uses DOS operating system of single task single process to realize real-time numerical control cutting through hardware motion control shaft card, thus avoiding cutting interruption and crash caused by Windows multi-task and multi-process, and by using the 'one-button' automatic cutting process of Weihong numerical control system to replace the manual cutting method. 3. Fan-free, low-power, industrial-grade CPU uses a low-power CPU without a fan, not only the CPU has low heat, but also eliminates the instability of the fan and effectively improves the stability of the numerical control system. These are some unstable factors in the operation of woodworking engraving machines, in order to prevent these factors from affecting the normal operation of woodworking engraving machines, we must take preventive measures.
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