What are the six aspects that need attention when buying stone engraving machines?

by:Transon     2020-04-10
The purchase of any equipment is very important. Only by purchasing the right equipment can we ensure more worry-free use. The same is true for stone engraving machines. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to many aspects, such as the size of the spindle power, the firmness of the base and the degree of bearing. The small Editor is summarized in the following six aspects: 1. The hardness of the stone with the spindle power of the engraving machine is generally relatively large, therefore, stone engraving machines need to be equipped with spindle motors with higher power than advertising engraving machines or woodworking engraving machines. Now most factories are equipped with special motorized spindles for stone engraving, so as to be suitable for high-intensity work. 2. The firmness and load-bearing degree of the base of the carving machine the material of stone carving is relatively heavy, which requires the stone engraving machine to have a good load-bearing capacity. It is best to use the whole square steel quenching body design, and the Machine table is best to use I-steel and hard PVC, so that the engraving machine has strong stability and low engraving rejection rate, thus improving the engraving efficiency. 3. The model and maintenance of the guide rail slider because of the increase of the overall weight of the stone engraving machine, the weight of the gantry and the z-axis hanging board and the weight of the spindle are much heavier than the woodworking machine or the advertising engraving machine, in order to maintain the stability and speed of engraving, it is generally required to use 25 models of square rails and sliders. In addition, in order to keep the guide rails and sliders durable, automatic and manual oiling systems will be added. 4. Cooling and dust-proof system of the machine during stone carving, high temperature and a large amount of stone dust will be produced when carving tools and stone with relatively high hardness are cut and carved, in order to improve the durability and use of the tool, it is also required that the stone engraving machine should have a good cooling function and dust prevention function. 5, before the purchase of the machine configuration confirmation, the user regardless of what type of engraving machine to buy should confirm the configuration, it is best to let the factory print a configuration list, in order to avoid the configuration of the machine after receiving the goods and the configuration negotiated before purchasing the machine. 6. You should never think that your machine is cheaper than the price bought by others. No manufacturer or dealer will do business at a loss. The low price is unreliable and the quality is often unreliable. The purchase of stone engraving machine must pay attention to the above six points, as long as this can be used to buy more suitable equipment at a lower price.
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