What are the main CNC engraving machine, category?

by:Transon     2020-04-24
CNC engraving machine is widely applied in multiple industries, and because of the different industries, the carving machine model and its use of the internal configuration are very different, so generates a lot of different categories of engraving machine, CNC engraving machine main categories are: 1, woodworking engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine under the CNC engraving machine is a lot of classification, which can be roughly divided into: wood engraving machine, carving machine, furniture coffin engraving machine, handicraft engraving machine and wood engraving machine. 2, cylindrical such engraving machine engraving machine is mainly used for processing of 3 d or 3 d carving wood, such as kuan Yin, Buddha, the Roman column, hoist, and so on. 3, metal engraving machine is mainly used for processing iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, although the name is a metal engraving machine, but is used in the stone carving machine. 4, stone engraving machine is mainly used for machining of ceramic tile, stone, artificial stone, granite, sandstone and other stone tombstone, monument, background wall, GongDeBei, floor tile, etc. 5, industrial engraving machine is mainly used in special industries, such as circuit board, special material processing and so on, which belongs to type custom engraving machine engraving machine.
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