What are the common interference problems of woodworking engraving machines?

by:Transon     2020-03-17
If the woodworking engraving machine encounters interference problems in the process of carving, it will directly affect its working effect and efficiency, therefore, everyone must know how to solve these interference problems. The following is an introduction to the solutions to the common interference problems of woodworking engraving machines. Let's continue to look down. The stepping motor and driver shell of general woodworking engraving machine do not adopt aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloy shells for magnetic shielding, thus causing interference to the highly sensitive receiver system, making it unable to work and polluting the power supply, as a result, the single chip microcomputer of the control system and the upper computer cannot communicate. In serious cases, the single chip microcomputer crashes, which causes difficulties for normal use. Therefore, the interference problem must be solved. The following measures can be taken to solve the problem: A. Install Power filter to reduce pollution to AC power supply. B. The principle of 'One point grounding. The ground of the power filter, the driver PE (Land)(Drive insulated from chassis backplane), Control PULSE-And direction pulse DIR- The lead-out line after short circuit, the motor ground wire, the cable protective sleeve between the driver and the motor, and the driver Shielding Wire are all connected to the grounding column on the chassis wall and require good contact. C. Try to increase the control line and power line (L, N), Motor drive line (U, V, W)The distance between them, avoid crossing. For example, when we deal with the installation position of two drives in the same chassis in the dual-axis drive system, one drive nameplate faces forward and the other faces backward, and make these leads as short as possible in the structural arrangement. D. Use shielded wires to reduce external interference with yourself, or yourself (Power cord)Interference with the outside world. The introduction of the interference problems encountered in the use of woodworking engraving machines is here. Generally, after reading it, you will know how to deal with it.
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