What are the common CNC engraving machine software

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Everyday we have seen many engraving machine brands, the application software is usually 'wen tai carving software', 'carved carving software', 'haier carving software', 'type3', 'artcam, cimatron, so that the application in the mold industry' mastcam ', 'pro/enginee' and other professional software. The author is not a fairy, proficient in all these software I am not, only for which two software, familiar with some. First statement, for use on the market 'tiger', 'type3' user more, therefore, the author is often used in the process of learning the software, in addition, the author also consider 'artcam' some features of the software. 'Tiger' brand is a users are very familiar with the software, 'wen tai' series of software products in unity made software to operate and easy to use, very convenient, I am in training when the customer need only one day time, customers can be basically independent operation. At present the software is not a relief sculpture, so for the advertising industry is specialized in cutting of crystal, 3 d words of customer is a very ideal and efficient software. 'Wen tai' software as excellent domestic software, its famous degree is self-evident, but the knife on the route computation may still have some defects, especially in circles to create a 3 d word occurs, it requires the user to check carefully, after modified output. I don't know the new version software to improve this problem. My evaluation of this software is that there is nothing difficult, very easy to learn to use, but to make complex work is careful, this could use you a lot of time, there is relief can't production. Type3 is a French made software, its function is much more powerful, both 2 d and 3 d effect, or relief, can handle, just use habits and we are not often use Windows software, in the early operation, not so handy. But it is indeed a very good a set of software, advertising is not the author for it, for customers to learn the software, I'm a little bit of time, although is self-study, it makes a little tricks. 'Type3' on relief processing does solve some problems for the customer, some of my clients is a manufacturer of small mould, because there is no nc professional, more never learn 'mastcam' and 'pro/enginee' such professional software, then 'type3' has its place, but have found relief simply took a few days production produced by the model is not standard, the error is bigger, it almost makes them into the land of run-off, was there, I inspired them to use the graphics 'type3' fitting function to solve this problem, because during the training, publishing, editing, and fitting model is a simple introduction about again, especially after the further understanding of the users themselves, in addition, our training courses is special arrangement for users of the task, so that users in rush, not self independent learning ability, two can not be quickly familiar with the software, if companies cannot solve the problem, the customer may only return money. Say so, 'type3' although good, but there are some difficulties to learn, my evaluation of this software is very convenient to use, learn it, but it's too easy to master. Finally talk about 'artcam software, I use is in English, for I can't the English press really difficult, but after using a few times with, think this software is also quite good, I use soon after recommend it to a client, he is friendly for the software, he has been promoting' vulture ', but 'carved' although he has not been used for the software, he is a 'paper tiger', but he made the mold is often compared with carved machine, therefore, is ripe for 'carved' software. And I also used 'carved' software, just read on the propaganda content 'carved' introduce to some features of the software, so I introduce him to use 'artcam software' try, try, he was 'artcam' attracted by flexible way of relief design.
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