Use the use of laser engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Laser engraving machine is a kind of laser marking machine. In the use and maintenance, we need to master the method and careful maintenance, in order to make the machine more stable and play its role. The principle and application of computer engraving machine, laser engraving machine grounding good laser power, machine tools must have a good grounding protection. Earth wire should be used less than 4 Ω dedicated grounding line. The need for grounding is: ( 1) Can guarantee the normal work of the laser power supply, 2) Can prolong the service life of laser tube, 3) Can prevent external machine to machine tool jumps. ( 4) To prevent the accident caused by high-pressure discharge circuit damage. 2, laser engraving machine cooling water should be smooth and whether to use tap water or water circulating pump, water flow must be maintained. Cooling water removed from the heat generated by the laser tube. The lower the water temperature is higher, the light output power ( 15 - 20 ° C temperature, the better) ; When water is destroyed, the accumulation of heat pipe due to the laser cavity and burst, and even the laser will be damaged. The power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to check the cooling water was clear. When the pipe is hard to fold ( Die bending) Or fall, pump failure, must be repaired in time, lest cause power loss and equipment damage. 3, clean and maintain good ventilation, at any time wipe machine cleaning and maintenance is necessary for normal operation of machine tool. Imagine, not flexible joints of people, how they move? Also, machine guide rail is the core component of high precision. After polishing must be wiped clean, keep bearing cleaning and lubrication; Each bearing should be oiled regularly, make flexible drive, processing precision, prolong the service life of the machine. 4, environmental temperature and humidity in the environment temperature should be 5 - 35 ° C range. It is important to note that if the below freezing environment, must be completed: ( 1) Prevent circulating water freeze in laser tube, after the stop of water must be fully discharge; ( 2) Startup, laser must be current preheating above 5 minutes to work. On a rainy day and humid environment, laser power supply need to preheat the longer. After dehumidification need to increase the pressure in order to prevent the high voltage circuit breakdown. 5, the correct use of the laser high voltage button when 'laser high pressure' button to open the laser power supply is in standby mode. When faced with 'glow' manually or computer wrong operation, it will lase and inadvertently hurt people. Therefore, every time to complete a task, such as discrete processing, you should always close 'laser and high pressure (' The laser current cannot be closed) , when the working machine to ban the operator to leave, in order to avoid accident, suggest working hours are not more than 5 hours continuously, can be in 30 minutes' rest between. 6, stay away from high power and strong vibration equipment sometimes leads to sudden power interference machine fault, although very rare, but should be avoided. Therefore, such as a large electric welding machine, the giant electric mixer and large power transmission and transformation equipment, etc. , should be far away. Vibration equipment is self-evident, for example, close walking motor vehicle of forging press, vibration, etc. , the ground to shake precise carving is very adverse. 7 and reliable lightning attack as long as the structure of the lightning protection measures. Special recommendation: where the grid is not stable, Such as voltage fluctuation is more than 5%) , please install the capacity for at least 3000 w regulated power supply, to prevent a sudden fluctuation and burned circuit or a computer. 8, maintain the stability of the control PC. Control PC control device is mainly used for carving. In addition to install the necessary graphics design software, please do not use a dedicated machine. Because the computer is equipped with a card and antivirus and firewall will seriously affect the running speed of the controller. Please don't install anti-virus firewall in the computer. If you need data communication network card, please disable the network card before start carving machine. 9. Guide rail maintenance: during the period of guide rail mobile, as a result of the pending materials and produce large amounts of dust. Maintenance method: first use cotton cloth to wipe guide rail on the original lubricating oil and dust, wipe clean, then in daub is on the side of the guide surface and a layer of lubricating oil. Maintenance period: about a week. 10. Fan maintenance: the fan work after a period of time, fan and the exhaust pipe will accumulate a large number of dust, the dust will affect the efficiency of the fan exhaust, resulting in a large number of smoke exhaust. Maintenance methods: loosen the exhaust pipe and fan connecting hoses, remove the exhaust pipe, clear the dust on the exhaust pipe and fan. Warranty: about one month. 11. Screw fastening: work after a period of time in the sports system, movement joints of loose screw, screw loosening will influence the mechanical movement smoothness. Maintenance methods: use the attached tool to tighten the screws one by one. Warranty: about one month. 12. Lens maintenance: machine work after a period of time, due to the working environment, the lens will adhesion on the surface, it will reduce the reflection mirror reflectivity and transmissivity lenses, will ultimately affect the work of the laser power. Maintenance methods: gently with cotton wool and ethanol, wipe the lens surface to remove dust.
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