Use and maintenance of frequency converter for woodworking engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-03-26
Woodworking engraving machine, frequency converter is an important part of engraving machine when running processing equipment, especially when woodworking engraving machine fails, it has strong fault diagnosis ability. Below, Xiaobian to briefly introduce the use and maintenance of woodworking engraving machine inverter knowledge. Woodworking engraving machine spindle inverter has strong fault diagnosis function, which can protect the internal rectification and inverter part of the inverter, CPU, peripheral communication and motor. The inverter will always display the fault code before the fault is reset after the protection trip. According to the fault indication code, the cause of the fault can be determined, thus narrowing the fault search scope and greatly reducing the fault search time. Due to the high integration of the frequency converter of the woodworking engraving machine, the overall structure is compact, and the heat dissipation is large, so there are certain requirements for the temperature, humidity and dust content of the installation environment. In particular, woodworking engraving machines produce more sawdust dust, which is attached to the frequency converter for a long time. Once it rains on cloudy days and the air is wet, it will easily cause the machine to jump and stop. In order to minimize the machine failure, we should regularly and timely clean and blow ash on the frequency converter to keep the internal cleaning of the frequency converter and the smooth flow of the air duct; Keep the surrounding environment of inverter clean and dry. It is strictly prohibited to place sundries near the inverter; After each maintenance of the inverter, carefully check whether there are missing screws and wires to prevent small metal items from causing short circuit accidents of the inverter.
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