Usage of cutting tools for woodworking engraving machines

by:Transon     2020-04-09
When we use woodworking engraving machines, we will have different cutting tools when doing different jobs. We should understand this knowledge and use it as an appropriate choice, the following is a brief understanding of this knowledge. First, when cutting acrylic, we need to use a single-edged spiral milling cutter. Its advantage is that there is no smoke and taste during processing, the speed is very fast, there is no sticky chip, and it is very environmentally friendly. When processing acrylic, there is almost no explosion. The knife pattern is very thin, sometimes there is no knife pattern, and the surface is very flat. Second, when processing the density board, we suggest to use the double-edged large chip removal spiral milling cutter, its double-edged is very regular, and there are two large-capacity chip removal grooves, which can have a good chip removal function, when the high density board is processed, it will not smoke or blacken, and the service life is relatively long. Three, when processing aluminum plate, it is recommended to use single-blade special aluminum milling cutter, which is characterized by high efficiency, high speed and non-stick knife when in use. 4. When processing native wood, PVC or cork, acrylic, etc. , it is recommended to use single-blade spiral ball-end milling cutter. Five, for the processing of high density plate, it is recommended to use the edge tooth milling cutter. Six, for acrylic carving processing, it is recommended to use diamond carving knife. Seven, processing splint, multi-layer board, it is recommended to use double-edged straight slot milling cutter. When carrying out woodworking carving, different processing materials should choose suitable cutting tools, which not only increases the efficiency, but also can better complete the carving work, and also increases the service life of the engraving machine, therefore, understanding the use of woodworking engraving machine tools is a common sense that every processor should understand before operation.
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