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by:Transon     2021-01-08
You still use the same usb stick? Have you ever used the wrong the experience of others U disk? In order to solve this embarrassing scene, we all use laser marking machine custom to action, what are you waiting for?
U disk laser marking machine principle
use of high energy laser beam irradiation on the U disk, leaving fine and symbol of immortality. By the location and degree of depth adjusting parameters to control by the software, a molding, field mapping field completed, no mold, paint and auxiliary tools such as a needle and thread.

U disk laser marking machine application services to private: U disk laser marking machine can be designed according to the individual character signature, private design tag on the U disk, building & other; Unique & throughout; 、“ Exclusive & throughout; U disk.
business custom: with the vigorous development of various kinds of services, now, U disk is no longer limited to live, hotel, beauty, hairdressing, housekeeping, schools, and other fields has become a U disk huge market demand. And in the use of U disk laser marking machine custom company logo on usb flash drive, can not only play the role of publicity, also conducive to identify.
gift custom, as household essential supplies, U disk has become an important option for the gift. Many companies use U disk laser marking machine on the U disk custom trademark logo or graphic, fine for more beautiful gift, also further promote the business.
this time, if you want to ask & other; Laser custom & throughout; And what is the difference between traditional custom?
the biggest difference is that: U disk is mine! U disk is mine! U disk is mine! Do not fade! Do not fade! Do not fade! Custom fast! Custom fast! Custom fast! Important things said many times & hellip; … Because embossed customized need mould, customized cycle is long; Embroidery is custom and embroidered, easy to take off the wire; Custom printing, need to mold and paint, environmental pollution is not environmental protection. But, U disk laser marking machine without mould, pigment, needle and thread, any graphics drawing done by the software, can be completed online proofing, production cycle is long, high degree of customization.

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