Stone engraving machines with good quality need the following aspects

by:Transon     2020-04-06
Good quality stone engraving machine needs to have the following aspects: first: strength, the main factor affecting the strength is the motor power. The general power is above three thousand watts. The cutter can be clamped to 12. 7. The strength of the impact also includes the configuration of engraving machine parts. Second: speed, that is, to pay attention to processing efficiency. On the premise that the strength can be achieved, the service life of the machine should be taken into account. Third: precision, no matter carving and cutting, it must work for a long time without dislocation, and the carving is smooth and straight. Fourth: full function vacuum adsorption: Traditional engraving machines use pressing plates to fix the plates, which inevitably causes the plates to be unable to be fully utilized or troublesome to operate. Super star machine uses vacuum suction to fix the plate on the carving table, which is divided into six areas to process plates of different sizes. Suction, dust: it is to consider the influence of dust and flying environment in the process of engraving the stone plate, so add dust to solve the problem. Section, Energy: The biggest loss of energy comes from the spindle motor. The traditional engraving machine needs to manually control the spindle cutting motor, which inevitably forgets to close the spindle after carving, resulting in energy waste and potential safety hazard. And our engraving machine automatically stops after the machine stops working. Offline: Considering the surrounding environment and convenience of the engraving machine, a new control system is adopted. The computer can be connected with the engraving machine without data cable at all, and the operation is simple and the compatibility is strong.
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