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by:Transon     2020-09-04

Stone processing is a traditional industry in China, and is experiencing an era of development and change.With the retirement of more and more stone craftsmen, the younger generation\'s demand for high efficiency, mechanization and automation has made the stone CNC router develop rapidly in the stone carving industry.So let\'s learn more about Stone CNC machine tools today.1.Stone router machine high-Technical automatic engraving equipment.There are CNC equipment, laser engraving cutting machine, CNC engraving machine and other types;2.Multi-3D relief, V relief, 2D engravingFlat carvingLine the end of carvingEngraving, milling, grinding, cutting, drilling, slotting, etc;3.Stone, monument, Tombstone (tombstone) processing, Art relief carving, furniture decoration, advertising, ceramic industry, etc;4.(1) all kinds of stone: granite, marble, Tombstone, sandstone, brick, Jade, blue-Stone, Blackstone, stone, concrete, basalt, ceramic tile, etc;(2) It is also suitable for glass, green jade, acrylic, PVC, aluminum board, bamboo, medium fiber board, wood chip, etc;5.(1) the carving speed is fast and the efficiency is high;(Two) high precision, fine processing;(3) full computer-Simple Control of operation;(4) convenient maintenance;(5) bath work, saving manpower and money.6.1) relatively speaking, Stone CNC engraving machine can be applied in more product categories and work results.For example, it can express several different 3D effects, especially beautiful and vivid 3D relief engraving.2) it can engrave the letter and pattern design directly on the workpiece.3) granite stone equipment has high requirements for the uniformity of working plates.4) as usual, the cost of professional granite engraving tools is high;In addition, if the working material is hard, the machine operator does not know much about the material performance and the improper use of the router drill bit, it is easy to cause the tool to break and strive to achieve satisfactory work performance.5) the price of the sand blasting machine bed is cheap, usually with basso-relievo.But on the whole, cnc stone carving is the future development direction.As long as more and more professional, easy to use, wearable, affordable knife sets are produced, this newly developed stone processing tool will be very popular in the CNC field.7) of course, different people have different strokes and everyone has their own love.You can\'t force people to say that 10,000 of products must be better than 1,000.If he only does some simple workflow, then 1,000 machines can do the job.He must have said that his equipment is better than 10,000 tools!7.(1) lathe body, spindle motor, DSP handle (or NC studio System Card), stepping motor, square rail, frequency converter, etc.(2) The main difference from the ordinary CNC engraving router is that the stone cutting machine is equipped with a sink and should be equipped with a good water cooling system;Most importantly, the right cnc engraving drill bit is installed.
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