Some common faults of engraving machine tools and specific solutions

by:Transon     2020-02-26
Engraving Machine tools often have some minor problems when they are running. Although the problems are small, everyone should take them seriously and solve them in time. Today, Xiaobian can sort out some problems that often occur during the operation of the engraving machine tool, and there are corresponding solutions. Then continue to look at it. The problems of the engraving machine itself: there is a problem or looseness of a certain part of the machine tool, and the appearance of impurities will also show dislocation; Engraving machine manufacturers found that the coupling is loose or broken, and it will show dislocation; The guide rail and screw rod will also show dislocation if they are not cleaned for a long time; If the engraving machine line is broken, it will also show dislocation. Engraving machine manufacturers found that each part of the connection control line has poor contact (Control line transmission line). Solution: remove all connections and install them again. Engraving machine manufacturers tailor-made production of CNC engraving machine, laser engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, mold engraving machine, three-dimensional engraving machine and other equipment. Engraving Machine is an important production tool for wood processing, and the production capacity is very important. Engraving Machine will present various dislocation problems in the carving process, such as left and right dislocation, up and down dislocation, X axis dislocation, Z axis dislocation, etc. What is the reason for the dislocation of woodworking engraving machine? The problem of the driver of the engraving machine: the problem of the layout of the driver itself or the original electronic equipment will also form a dislocation phenomenon, which is the most common reason; If the number of times presented is not much, and the speed is reduced a little, sometimes it can be carved normally, which means that the drive is not completely broken; If it is misplaced at the beginning of carving, it means that the drive is completely broken. Solution: patch the drive or replace the drive. Engraving machine manufacturers check whether the way of carving software is correct or not; The engraving machine manufacturer checks whether the clearance of the engraving machine screw rod is very thin and whether the fastening screws of the polished rod are loose; Check whether the software parameters are set correctly; Check whether the ground wire is connected well; Whether there is a virus in the computer of the engraving machine manufacturer or not may be incompatible with other computers or may disturb them. It is usually advocated to simply assemble the chassis without a brand name machine; Whether the coupling above the front of the water-cooled spindle motor is loose or damaged can be checked and tightened or replaced by hand. Is there any bad contact between the beam of the engraving machine and the line connecting the drag chain to the machine control box; The problem of voltage: the engraving machine needs a large power during operation. If the voltage is too low, the power supply to the driver is insufficient, and the power is not reached, the dislocation phenomenon will be formed, this kind of situation is usually characterized by Y-axis dislocation. This phenomenon may be that the external voltage is not good, or someone may use high-power equipment such as electric welding on the same line. Solution: Install a 5000-watt regulated power supply, but the error scale of this regulated power supply cannot exceed 5 watts, preferably within 3%. The problem of interface board, main board and adapter board: if the interface board, main board and adapter board are broken, the woodworking engraving machine will not move in one direction or three axes during the operation, forming a carving dislocation. The problem of spindle motor: if there is a problem with stepping motor or servo motor, the whole machine will not move in one direction and the screw rod will not move by hand. If you have these problems in the operation of the engraving machine, you can solve them according to the method introduced by Xiaobian.
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