Solutions to step loss in woodworking engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-03-16
We use woodworking engraving machines in our work, and there will inevitably be some problems. How can we solve the problems after they occur? Do you know? Today, Xiao Bian will introduce a solution to the possible situation of woodworking engraving machines, that is, the missing step of woodworking engraving machines. First, there are many reasons for the loss of steps in woodworking engraving machines. We should choose different methods according to different reasons so as to solve the problem fundamentally. First check whether the processing speed of the engraving machine exceeds the highest speed of our machine. If so, please change it to the appropriate engraving speed, in this way, this situation can be solved. Second, you can try to reinstall the woodworking engraving machine system. The user of the handle can change to handle formatting. Our computer virus or U disk virus will also lead to this situation. Third, you can check whether there is any interference source near the woodworking engraving machine. For example, such equipment as high-voltage wires and transformers will interfere with the work of our woodworking engraving machine. Fourth, it is possible that the coupling on our engraving machine is loose. If this is the case, we should check it in time and then tighten the loose part. Fifth, the unstable power supply in the working place will also cause this situation in woodworking engraving machines, so we should choose to replace the power supply or add a voltage stabilizer to ensure the stability of the power supply. According to different reasons, we have to choose different methods to solve this situation. I believe that after reading this article, you will know what the problem is, and you will quickly 'suit the remedy to the case.
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