Solutions to common faults of engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-09
I believe that everyone will encounter some problems that cannot be solved in their work or study at ordinary times, which is inevitable. Some people will encounter some faults when using engraving machines, which makes them feel particularly distressed. In fact, as long as the fault is carefully analyzed, the problem can be found and solved. Just like programming, in the process of writing, you will encounter a lot of errors, according to the error prompts step by step to find a solution to the error. The same is true for engraving machines, which can solve the problem as long as the root of the problem is found. Let's take a look at it with me! Friends who are interested must not miss it! First, the alarm failure, failure, the alarm will ring. Hearing the noise, everyone probably knew there was something wrong. At this time, check whether the screws in the machine are loose and whether the machine and the computer are really connected together. Another question is whether the coordinate paper exceeds the specified value. Second, over-travel alarm and release, in the event of over-travel alarm, must make corresponding adjustments to the three axes. Keep them away from the limit so that they can move freely without certain restrictions. Be sure to move the position of the workbench so that you can control it freely. If an alarm occurs, reset the x, y and z axis values. Three, non-alarm failure, sometimes the machine failure will not alarm, most because the machine is not running, the switch contact is bad, the machine can not operate, can not work normally, etc. Even sometimes there is no signal, these faults will not alarm, people encounter faults at work but no alarm, to consider these issues. Find answers through questions and troubleshoot.
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