Small woodworking engraving machine operation security considerations

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Small woodworking engraving machine in the process of machining operation should pay attention to its operation method, the correct operation method not only can make the machine run properly, avoid damage, can also to ensure the safety of the operator itself. Small woodworking engraving machine operation safety precautions: 1, setting position after carving, X, Y, Z axis of workpiece coordinate all must be classified as '0'; 2, adjust the engraving speed and spindle motor speed, prevent the engraving process because of the too fast and too slow cutting knife; 3, in the automatic process of knife, please pay attention to carving machine knife block must be aluminum mesa insulation; 4, sculpture, not sure if the first knife, can put the feed speed is slow, think carving normal speed back to normal again. Can also be in the blank space simulation sculpture, see if there is something wrong; 5, if you don't use small wooden engraving the captain time, should go idle, every week to ensure that the transmission system of flexibility; Continuous operation of 6, small woodworking engraving machine requires no more than 10 hours/day. In order to ensure the normal operation of the cleanness of cooling water and water pumps, water-cooled spindle motor can not lack water, cooling water must be replaced periodically, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high, as much as possible of the circulating water can use large capacity water tank instead of; 7, after each use woodworking engraving machine, pay attention to clean up, must clean up the dust on the platform and drive system, regular lubrication transmission system of X, Y and Z axis; 8, woodworking carving machine operation, the operator had better wear dust masks and goggles, lest the machining process of dust and other dust into the human body, causing discomfort. 9, small woodworking engraving machine daily maintenance methods in woodworking engraving machine add certain dust dust removal device, dust removal equipment supporting the use.
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