Small make up teach you how to maintain your multifunction woodworking engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-27
When the user chooses woodworking engraving machine design, many users are considered the possibility of the future, so in order to facilitate all want to choose a multifunction woodworking engraving machine, so what kind of a woodworking engraving machine engraving machine is a multifunctional properties? It mainly involves two aspects, the machining materials and shapes, since versatility is the equipment, so it must be capable of processing various materials such as wood, advertising materials and some metal, and still can not only processing planarity of materials, the cylinder or body also can work, all of integrated its engraving machine, such as, this is the so-called multifunctional woodworking engraving machine. Spring air temperature gradually raised, and the rainfall also will increase, the more unpredictable weather, so we should be how to maintain the multi-function woodworking engraving machine? Here is a small make up to give you some Suggestions and measures: multi-function woodworking engraving machine engraving machine 1, don't be installed outdoor environment, because most of the mechanical equipment is a taboo in wet or humid conditions. 2, if smoke appeared in the process of woodworking engraving machine in processing materials, peculiar smell and noise, such as abnormal situation, please immediately shut down power. 3, it is prohibited to use do not conform to the rated voltage of the power supply. 4, in the rain and thunder weather to avoid the use of woodworking engraving machine. 5, woodworking carving machine original accessories and cables were damaged, contact the manufacturer send someone, try not to replace the fittings. If, woodworking carving machine internal inadvertently fall into the liquid and metal objects, etc. , after the completion of the work should be clear in time, and regularly add lubricant to guide rail, rack, etc. 7, when using the water-cooled spindle motor work must ensure that the conduit unobstructed, hot days dry, frequently change the water in the tank, to guarantee the normal work of the pump. 8, training requirements, in strict accordance with the company size shall not exceed that of the woodworking engraving machine machining scope. 9, sculpture, different material and different depth, should choose the appropriate tool. In dry weather should pay attention to fire prevention, especially for carpentry industry customers, a little mistake can cause huge losses, the operating woodworking engraving machine, remember to periodically to detect the heat of the spindle motor, if the heat of the spindle motor is higher than normal temperature, then to stop the operation of the machine, and find out the reason.
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