Small CNC engraving machine controller circuit

by:Transon     2020-04-19
Small CNC engraving machine system based on ARM controller USES a ST company production company ARM processor architecture (M3 kernel - — — STM32F103-ZET6。 The ARM processor has the very high cost performance, peripheral rich in peripheral bus clock frequency up to 90 MHZ, this is the current many RAM9 processor can't achieve the frequency of the market, such a high speed can satisfy the real-time requirements of nc engraving machine system. This processor has built-in 512 k Flash, without external expansion ROM CAN store a large amount of program code, the internal processor are integrated as many as six serial port, a CAN controller, a total of three groups of 18 road 12 ADC, CAN guarantee the small CNC carving machine field data collection, at the same time the processor with the FSMC, convenient outside enlarge RAM, NANDFlash, NorFlash, thereby increasing the operation ability of the processor, CNC engraving machine systems outside enlarge the 1 m SRAM, because control engraving machine work, need to accept a large amount of data from the PC, outside enlarge this 1 msram is used to store the data. Processors at the same time also need to front of the dual port RAM to communicate, equivalent to STM32F103ZET6 hanging above the two pieces of RAM. Although processor on the DAC, but because of own DAC precision and speed can meet the requirements of small CNC engraving machine, so the external again a 4 channel 16 bit DAC, it mount on the processor through the SPI bus, STM32 processor contains very rich bus series, each bus has several groups, including SPI has three groups. Small CNC engraving machine system controller circuit as shown in the figure below, the boot mode part of the diagram is used to control the STM32 startup mode, there are three kinds of STM32 processor series start way, separately from the main Flash start inside, system started in the Flash, RAM inside, one of the main Flash is for users to write their own application code, choose this way, the electricity can execute user programs; Curing system in Flash is ST company factory code, through a serial port or CAN download the program, you need to choose this way, the system inside the Flash program and PC communication CAN download the user program to the user space, start from a RAM is mainly used in commissioning, put the user code in RAM, choose this way. Figure controller circuit
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