Single head or multi-head, are you sure you know which model to buy wood engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Query all know woodworking engraving machine engraving machine clients have a single head carving machine and long engraving machine, in addition to the appearance and the price is different, the inside is also by the different control cabinet system, such as: single end woodworking engraving machine only need 4 can drive and motor control, and long woodworking engraving machine? Is at least five drives, sometimes even need more, and must be complete, with independent cabinet can be arranged today small make up you in the light of woodworking engraving machine (single) and more to do woodworking industry customers under the explanation and analysis. Woodworking industry is a huge category is known to all, can be subdivided into multiple, which requires the carving factory home production of various types of woodworking engraving machine, single head woodworking engraving machine generally equipped with high-power water-cooled or air-cooled spindle motor ( This is depends on customer's requirement, and area, northern cold, easy to freeze, suitable for air cooling spindle motor, the south is warm, water-cooled spindle motor for easy) , Lord do cutting and engraving, cutting is hollow out beautiful case, 2 cm below the plank one size fits all, more than 2 centimeters plank to stratified cutting, relief means and the screen, such as the eight jun figure, for example, the long wooden engraving machine is generally equipped with small power 1. 5 kw or 2. 2 kw spindle motor, often apply to furniture factory carving bedside table and use of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, general equipped with 2 - 10 head, see the customer request, the advantages of long woodworking engraving machine is self-evident, improve processing efficiency, suitable for mass production, but in the engraving process can only be the same pattern, if use long woodworking engraving machine for relief, so the spindle motor power is a bit small, but there's a three woodworking engraving machine, large spindle among, both sides small spindle, a hollow out beautiful case, use the middle big spindle motor, when making reliefs, three spindle motor can work at the same time, the batch processing. Small make up some customers for introduction, especially like to recommend this type of machine, the price is not too high, more than 20000 can buy. Ok, understand the knowledge, I believe you should be able to determine which model to buy woodworking engraving machine themselves.
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