Sheet metal laser cutting machine for cutting thick

by:Transon     2020-10-28
The difficulties of sheet metal laser cutting machine for cutting thick
metal laser cutting machine in the process of the actual cutting, can cut through the thickness is limited, it is closely related to the cutting edge iron not stable combustion. Combustion process to continue, at the top of the kerf width must achieve ignition temperature. Alone iron oxygen combustion reaction of energy released, actually cannot ensure that the combustion process continues. On the one hand, it is because the cutting seam is continuous cooling nozzle of oxygen flow, reduce the temperature of the cutting edge: on the other hand, the combustion of ferrous oxide layer covering the surface of workpiece, hinder the diffusion of oxygen, concentration of oxygen when reduced to a certain extent, the combustion process will be put out. With traditional convergence to laser cutting, the beam of laser beam on the surface area is small, due to the laser power density is very high, so not only in the area of laser radiation, the surface temperature reached the ignition point, and because of the heat conduction, a wider area to ignition temperature. And the diameter of the oxygen flow acting on the workpiece surface is larger than the diameter of a laser beam. This shows that not only in the region of the laser radiation, to strongly combustion reaction occurs, and the laser beam of light periphery combustion will occur simultaneously. Thick plate cutting when the cutting speed is quite slow, iron oxide on the surface of workpiece burn than the speed of the cutting head the marching speed. Glowing combustion that persists for a period of time, because of the oxygen concentration decreased, resulting in burning process. Only when the cutting head to the location, combustion reaction starts all over again. Cutting edge of the combustion process was conducted periodically, so that it can lead to temperature fluctuations, cutting edge notch quality becomes poor.
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