Several of knife method of high-speed CNC machine is introduced

by:Transon     2020-04-24
In general CNC high speed machine is a development direction of the engraving and milling machine, it should have the characteristics of high speed and precision; And in the consumer electronics industry, jewelry industry, precision hardware industry and other industries, the application of high-speed CNC machine is more and more frequent; So when machining, CNC high speed machine there are several kinds of method of knife? 1, the cutting point for the cylindrical hole centerline ( 1) The dial gauge to knife. This kind of operation method more troublesome, low efficiency, high precision but for the knife, the hole to be measured precision demand is higher, the method is suitable for the hinge or boring hole, hole after a rough machining to unfavorable use this method. ( 2) The edge of knife. Photoelectric edge finder generally consists of petiole and contact, have a fixed between the potential difference. When the contact is installed on the high-speed CNC machine spindle, the worktable of the workpiece and the contact potential is the same, when contact with the workpiece surface contact form the loop current, make the internal circuit produces light, electrical signals. 2, the cutting point for two perpendicular line intersection point ( 1) Using touch knife knife. For machining accuracy is not high, can be used to use when processing the knife tool directly touch the edge of the sword; But due to its touch DaoHui leave a mark on the surface, so between the tool and the workpiece should be to join feeler knife, the programming calculation when the thickness of the thickness gauge shall be minus. ( 2) Closed the knife instrument of knife. Closed the knife instrument is used to measure the length, diameter and shape, Angle of tools of professional tools. With the conversion to the knife instrument can also measure tool cutting edge Angle and shape parameters, such as to improve the processing quality; But some problems still need to pay attention to when using. 3, cutting tool Z to knife ( 1) On the knife: this method is to use the Z from the set, in turn, determine each tool and the workpiece in the machine tool coordinate position relationship between each other. ( 2) On the knife with closed to preset tool, the method of cutter precision and high efficiency, but the high cost.
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