Questions about the laptop can't connect CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-23
CNC engraving machine and computer connectivity issues: first, the use of CNC engraving machine, please do not attempt to use a notebook computer to control the CNC engraving machine, the machine adopts a 25-pin parallel lines connected to the computer, in order to use this engraving machine, your computer should have a 25-pin parallel port. Configuration of medium of computer, it is recommended that you don't want the computer to the Internet, and preferably with a serial port, is the old printer port. A part of the new desktop computer without a 25-pin parallel port, please consult the computer whether can increase the needle print parallel port (25 Note: is not the kind of) the USB to parallel 。 Also have some friends want to try the laptop computer, notebook computer, you will also want to consult whether can 'turn the PCI parallel port card', but the company does not guarantee can control the machine. Most laptops and about 2% of the desktop computer mount after carving software can't normal control machine, the specific reason is not very clear now. Encounter this kind of situation, can change another desktop computer a try. You can choose to buy a second-hand desktop computer motherboard with parallel port to do special. CNC engraving machine connected to the computer shows no signal caused by the reasons: 1: software parameter setting is not correct. 2: machine with a computer not on line 3: there is something wrong with the computer serial port 4: software transmission rates do not agree with engraving machine baud rate set the solution: a: reset the parameter 2: press the 'offline', make the offline three lights went out: use a serial port 4: to set the baud rate
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