Operation method and process of engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Engraving Machine, as a kind of drilling and milling combined processing machine, is mainly used for engraving the surface of articles with a certain depth of identification, in the operation of numerical control machine tools, the motorized spindle of engraving machine usually adopts frequency conversion speed regulation method to carve entities such as jade, wood, metal and so on, but what are the specific operation methods and processes of engraving machines? Please look down with me. The operation control method of the engraving machine as a kind of engraving machine with a certain depth of engraving, the frequency conversion control method of the engraving machine is divided into three types, they are common frequency conversion drive and control, vector control drive drive and control and direct torque control. First of all, drive and control are important components of common frequency conversion. In actual operation, when these two types of drive control are converted into constant torque drive, the output power of common frequency conversion at this time is proportional to the rotating speed, so just control the rotation speed. The vector control technology takes the control of DC motor as the imitation object, uses inertia, has excellent dynamic performance, and finally is direct torque control. As a new type of high-performance ac speed regulation technology, through the design requirements of the combination of dynamic characteristics and static characteristics, it is very easy to use and deeply loved by the majority of sculptors. The operation process of engraving machine engraving machine as a new type of engraving machine, compared with the traditional engraving method, its engraving method is more time-saving and simple, and the efficiency is relatively high. The first is to fix the materials that need to be carved on the engraving machine, try to use the horizontal and vertical direction, then install the milling cutter, open the computer operating system of the engraving machine, load the engraving file that needs to be carved, and open the button to operate, the last is the anti-truth processing. Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to safety. The above is the operation control method and operation process of the engraving machine, so when using the engraving machine, you must pay attention to the instructions and operate according to the process. Safety is the most important.
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