Open half ZhuiDao grinding CNC engraving machine operation steps

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Open half ZhuiDao grinding CNC engraving machine operation steps: ( 1) The tool post dial zero. Loosen the rest brake tight grip, CNC engraving machine tool post graduated dial tone to absolute zero ( Dial to calibrated) , lock head brake handle. This step to ensure open half plane with a knife parallel to the axis, so should guarantee zero after the zero calibration is accurate. ( 2) Closed tube dial zero. Positioning pin to the most superior, rotating tube to dial zero, then locating pin to the bottom. ( 3) Knife billet. Loosen the closed tube tighten handle, insert the knife billet closed tube ( Tube diameter is 3. 175mm) , knife strand out collecting tube foreign minister about 10 mm, the rest of the inserted into the closed tube length and make sure no less than 8 mm, tighten the tube. ( 4) Adjust the knife about billet location. Rotate the control shaft in hand, until the knife just close to the grinding wheel surface, before and after and able to move freely. ( 5) Adjust the knife before and after the billet location. Left hand rotation limit screw, right hand drive head, make engraving receive a grinding wheel lateral tube distance is about 2. 5mm,( Purpose is to prevent emery wheel grinding to the closed tube) , that is, knife inside billet beyond the wheel cylinder is about two edges. 5mm。
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