On the mechanical properties of the engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Engraving machine mechanical properties mainly include what, how they affect carving processing? Engraving machine including flatness, on the mechanical properties of the vertical degree between shaft and positioning accuracy, repetitive positioning accuracy, etc. Main impact plate flatness, artifacts, the difficulty of the leveling. Axis perpendicularity between main influencing workpiece size precision, XY axis perpendicularity large is a rectangle diagonal is typical of a don't want to, etc. , the perpendicularity of the Z axis and XY plane is using flat-bottomed cutter spacing is typical of a large plane, the surface is uneven. Positioning accuracy affect the size error of workpiece, mainly depends on the precision of the leadscrew, compensation ability of the control system, the change of environmental temperature. When processing more than 300 mm, must consider the influence of the positioning precision of workpiece size. Repeat positioning accuracy main influence cutter machining, machining, etc. Engraving machine adopts roller screw drive, without crawling phenomenon, can realize micro feed. Repeated positioning precision mainly depends on the control accuracy, generally for two control resolution.
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