Multifunctional engraving machine

by:Transon     2021-04-01

Multifunctional engraving machine, with rotating shaft, table and sink, if you need to emboss, flat engrave, hollow engrave, or rotate engraving on the plate, you can choose this equipment. It can also carve marble, granite and other stones.

Plane carving is suitable for three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft window processing, shoe polishers, game cabinets and panels, mahjong tables, computer tables and auxiliary processing of panel furniture products .

Rotary axis carving is suitable for the carving of cubes and cylinders, such as hardwood, marble, white marble, cylindrical handicrafts and so on.

Performance introduction

1. The overall steel structure is welded and tempered with aging treatment, which is firm and not deformed. Gantry type movement, fixed work surface, can process the material on the work surface arbitrarily.

2. GF-1325 engraving machine is currently the most cost-effective economical product. It is equipped with a domestic 4.5KW water-cooled electric spindle (optional imported Italian HSD or GC Columbus electric spindle, plus a detachable rotating shaft, which can process cylinders. product.

3. The Y-axis is driven by dual motors, with carefully selected pairs to ensure smooth movement.

4. High-precision rack and pinion transmission is adopted to speed up the speed and increase the accuracy.

5. Imported square linear guide rails are used to ensure the high precision of the machine and can withstand large loads.

6. The processing speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the idle speed can reach 30000mm/min, and the high speed can reach 20000mm/min in the engraving processing of wave plates.

7. The rotating shaft adopts machine tool chuck (positive and negative jaws) and rear thimble. The rear thimble movement uses Taiwan Yintai square linear guide, which has extremely accurate concentricity. The chassis is finished by ZL-102 integral casting. The maximum diameter of the workpiece can be up to 200 mm, the length can be up to 1200 mm, the weight of the workpiece can be up to 50 kg, and it is equipped with a workpiece balance roller.

8. Two 2012-type rotating shafts can be placed on the equipment platform. When cylindrical workpieces are not being processed, the rotating shafts can be removed for plane engraving.
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