Most complete history of CNC engraving and milling machine fault handling methods

by:Transon     2020-04-21
1. A driving electric machine or tripping in processing check whether the voltage regulator, power switch, fuse capacity is big enough, the power cord into the line is thick enough, whether to conform to the requirements of the machine tool, the power cord without loosening or poor contact, make the power contact good or replace the appliance. 2. Control cabinet power supply can't open the power switch is open; Light foot ever bright; The multimeter test control transformer input and output is normal: loose button wiring whether; If there is a short circuit load phenomenon; Contactor 3 foot no damage. One axis machine tool can't back to the origin, the positive direction or in the opposite direction can't walk A. Poor contact origin switch or travel switch, without pressure to stroke switches in the machine tool to view I board ( 0 - 5 said limit. 8 - XYZ 10 said the origin, the light is normal, said the trip wouldn't light switch poor contact or bad) Travel switch, check the wiring or replaced. B。 System to drive pulse line loose poor contact, make good contact. C。 Motor drive alarm: stepper driver said red light alarm, power to boot. If the red light is bright, drive is bad, replace the drive; Servo driver alarm by alarm content make corresponding processing; 4, machine tool system displays not ready A. Urgent stop switch down or line loose; B。 Position lost or seriously follow error alarm, encoder, poor contact or have broken brake line, check the wiring or replace the line. C。 The I/O board caused poor contact or bad ( General system hints I/O transmission error) , check whether the I/O board is good contacts or replacement. D。 Inverter alarm, to boot. 5. Main shaft A. The spindle hot: cooling water is not the main shaft, the change of cooling water. Check whether the cooling pump is working, replace the cooling pump B. Main shaft carved milling weakness: speed is not high, the spindle power cord lack of phase or frequency inverter parameter Settings. C。 Line noise increased: main bearing damage to work long hours, replace the bearing. D。 Spindle turn: input spindle speed command processing program is correct, the program S behind are spindle speed; The spindle whether coil short circuit, connection is loose, U, V, W is lack of phase; Long time not into the cooling water damage to the main shaft; Hand turn the nut is jammed, bearing damage stuck; Whether frequency detector alarm, press the alarm content corresponding processing. 6. A network malfunction. The network Settings are correct ( See the network installation instructions) 。 B。 The HUB is working correctly, the cables are in good condition, whether string light green. C。 Nic driver is damaged, reshipment network card drivers or replaced. D。 Network connection with interference, machine tools must be well grounded. 7. Machine tool positioning accuracy decline: reverse clearance greatens, movement noise increases; Bearing, ball screw damage replacement. 8. Alarm over voltage drives the input voltage is measured with voltmeter, ruled out. Provide the correct voltage of power supply. 9. Alarm owe voltage driving the input voltage is measured with voltmeter, rule out the reason, provide the correct voltage of power supply. 10. Alarm overload A. For a long time more than the rated load and torque operation to extend the time of acceleration and deceleration slope, reduce the motor load. B。 Gain setting vibration caused by the unreasonable and jitter, cause abnormal vibration or noise, adjust the gain.
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