Microfluidic technology applied in drug development. What will be the result

by:Transon     2021-01-11
In the past, the manufacturer to sell a separate microfluidic components & ndash; — Chip, connectors, and micro pump, it doesn't really understand customer expectations of application, but now the situation has changed. Now, people of what scientists do produce more interest, began to understand their work and provide the tools needed to forward. Attract the microfluidic professional scientists is the key to the technology was widely adopted, one approach is to provide customized ready-to-use systems for specific applications, contains everything you need for a start and quickly run, and only need a simple training.

this scheme users believe that the manufacturers adopted their opinions, and provides the complete solution to solve the problem. Rather than simply give them a set of components, let them go their own way to do. Scientists do not need to know all the technical details, only need to know whether the system can complete the work.

on the other hand, some researchers of microfluidic technology is very familiar with. These users often need to be specified for a particular application system, or need a open platform can be adjusted according to need, to adapt to the changing application. In this case, customized suite can satisfy the above requirements, will specify the individual components of combined with customization system, used in drug development, particles generated or cell coated packaging applications.

but making microfluidic devices need a high precision instrument, or you will make on deviation will make the result of the experiment. Here we introduce HZZ endeavour - for you V4000( Ilaser4000) 。
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