Methods and Techniques for maintenance of engraving machine spindle

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Engraving machine spindle is the core accessory of the equipment, mainly divided into air-cooled spindle and water-cooled spindle. According to the customer's processing technology and the customer's processing environment, it can be selectively configured. Due to the working environment, the spindle is the equipment accessory that contacts the largest number of processed workpieces and scraps, and the performance of the spindle also greatly affects the processing technology. Therefore, in the daily production and processing, we should do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the main shaft. (1) To establish the awareness of caring for the engraving machine, for the spindle motor, the implementation of its awareness of care is to develop the habit of 'cleaning up the spindle motor as soon as you finish the work! If this habit is formed, the most important maintenance work of the spindle motor will be done! (2) The operator should use the vacuum cleaner to clean the scraps on the rotor end of the spindle motor and the motor terminal after the daily work, to prevent the scraps from accumulating on the rotor end and the terminal, so as to prevent the scraps from entering the bearing, accelerate the wear of high-speed bearings; Avoid scrap entering the wiring terminals, causing the motor to be short-circuited and burned. (3) Every time the card is loaded and the tool is replaced, the operator must unscrew the pressure cap card head, and cannot use the method of directly plugging the tool to change the tool! (4) The operator should form a habit of cleaning the card head and pressure cap after unloading the knife. (5) It is also a habit that the operator must clean up the tool, card head and pressure cap when mounting the knife! This detail is done, the life of the spindle motor can be greatly extended! (6) Every day after starting up, the operator must check the working state of the cooling water flow of the motor, check whether the water pump works normally, check whether the cooling water is contaminated by scale and microorganisms, and check whether the pipeline state is normal, the normal circulation of cooling water must be ensured! It is strictly prohibited to open the spindle motor without cooling water passing through the spindle motor! Only on the premise of normal cooling can the spindle motor be in good working condition. If the water pipe has a dead bend, causing poor water flow or dirt blocking the pipe, it will cause the spindle motor to fail to work normally and will affect the processing effect. (7)Use spindle motor according to specifications! Doing this is the best maintenance! In addition to the above provisions, it is strictly prohibited to operate on duty without training, or to disassemble at will when the main shaft fails. Contact the engraving machine manufacturer in time for maintenance and troubleshooting.
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