Metal laser marking machine price quotation

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Metal laser marking machine price how many money? Laser laser equipment factory in China to give you the answer, to provide you with reasonable price, high quality products, thoughtful and comprehensive service quality. As a professional metal laser marking factory, China laser equipment factory owns 149 patents and utility patents, 200 after-sales service network to ensure customer service response.

tools hardware industry in China after 30 years of development, the manufacture of products occupy a prominent position in the world, has become a global hardware products production and sales of power. Complying with the requirements of hardware market management, on the product engraved with text and graphics to product management, to become a development trend. And plasticity text markup is one of the advantages of laser marking machine. Metal laser marking machine price how many? Laser equipment factory in China for 16 years, has set a good reputation in the industry, and more and more customers trust and recognition. Which appeared a lot of peer companies to buy Chinese laser equipment factory assembly laser machine imitated, and sold at a low price. Even if the appearance can guarantee more than 80% of the known, but the design concept and principle of completely don't know under the condition of imitating the Chinese laser laser equipment factory and inferior goods you dare to buy? Many online in & other; China laser equipment factory original factory, China laser equipment factory laser manufacturers direct marketing & throughout; Banner to get customer's site. We also repeatedly calls received customer feedback the purchase to the laser laser equipment factory and inferior products in China.

metal laser marking machine price how many money? China laser equipment factory what is the distinguishing feature of laser marking machine:

1, high integration design of fiber laser, light are of good quality and uniform light power density, stable output optical power, with high resistance to the ability, even in aluminum, copper, gold, silver, such as the material for processing also won't appear the shadow and virtual fault phenomenon.
2, international advanced technology of digital high speed scanning galvanometer, small volume, quick speed, good stability, performance reached the international advanced level.
3, modular design, separate of optical fiber power supply box and lifting frame design, equipment more flexible and can be a relatively large volume, marking surface is relatively complex, can't play the underlying surface in the common models for marking.
4, the embedded operating system, good touch interface, support for multiple text, can satisfy the market most of industry application process requirements.
5, using special flight marking control system, good performance, easy operation.

laser laser equipment factory of China's metal laser marking machine price is according to the customer the selected model, selection of configuration to determine the final price. And each part is in accordance with the unified standard custom, products are also unified direct sales by the company. So if the customer want to buy Chinese laser laser equipment factory original products, direct dial Chinese laser equipment factory sales hotline 0769 - 89838888 for consultation. Can also refer to the above equipment & other; Throughout guangdong province famous brand product anti-fake mark &; Verify authenticity, so as to avoid being cheated by undesirable businessman, causing unnecessary economic losses.
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