Metal laser marking machine how widely the application scope of

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Metal laser marking machine application range is very wide, because of its good marking effect, also can guarantee a good marking precision, plus the equipment volume is small, has very good application in many areas. Especially in the process of some ships, space instrument processing, certainly also is need to use such equipment. Some merchants can also directly use marking machine for custom qr code, use effect is very good. But if it is a very smooth surface of stainless steel plate, using a laser marking machine also can present a good effect?

metal laser marking machine can be directly on the metal plate of stainless steel for marking, you just need to ensure good beam quality, especially for some small workpiece machining, precision carving effect is good, can also ensure good kerf width is very smooth and beautiful, do not need to undertake secondary processing. Engraving speed is very fast, and can guarantee a short time to complete your processing as a whole. And electro-optical conversion rate is high, energy consumption is not high, so the practical aspect also is very good. And now a lot of intelligent equipment operation is simple, the workers can operate simple training.

metal laser marking machine application range is very wide, basically integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, electronic communications equipment and so on can be used to, and play mark effect also is very fine, just need to do a good job in the foundation of confirmed rendering effect is good. And computer equipment can be set directly, many types of graphics and text can be direct forming, the effect will be more perfect, and mass production effect is also very good.
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