Mercedes edition laptops to hide the computer laser marking machine

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Mercedes edition laptops to hide the computer laser marking machine figure! Cars and laptop was out of reach, so a car & other Grosvenor LTD handsome & throughout; With a notebook industry & other; Bai Fu beauty & throughout; Combined, the sparks of how? Above, first look eye to you!

very cool feeling is there? When the version you are using Benz VAIO notebook will have seed in the sense of drive Mercedes?
to do a good job must first sharpen his machine! Such a type of notebook, unexpectedly the weapons behind & ndash; — Computer laser marking machine!

b: yes, this laptop is unique, is that A face has A cool laser engraving ( The computer laser marking machine) Logo, optional Logo are respectively Vision Tokyo concept cars and mercedes-benz classic gull wing doors design 300 sl.

in addition, the keyboard text also has the computer laser marking machine, through the Vision Tokyo blue backlight, combined with Vision Tokyo concept car special wallpaper, looks very science fiction.
as for the price, how could limited edition notebook cheap ( I feel the heart in the drop of blood! ) ! 酷睿i7 - The version of 6567 u priced at RMB 17560, and the Core i5 - 6267 u version price is RMB 15400.
if you have money, now estimated to also do not buy, because somebody else is limited edition, is so & other; Wayward & throughout; ! However, it doesn't matter, as long as you have a computer, to change the wallpaper is simple. And want to cool the Mercedes logo and keyboard, can come to China laser equipment factory group computer laser marking machine, as long as a MF20 - E- A laser marking machine, everything is so easy!
MF20 - E- A fiber laser marking machine
A high ratio of optical fiber laser marking machine, the configuration of independent brands digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, performance reached the international advanced level, can realize parts quickly and perfect processing. Independent research and development at the core of the control main board and upper software can according to the different optimization process for a variety of data processing of fitting, PBT, ABS, POM, etc in addition to apply computer plastic parts of material processing, can also be of stainless steel, aluminum oxide and other metal surface fine marking.
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