Measures to avoid engraving machine being struck by lightning in thunderstorm weather

by:Transon     2020-03-06
When thunderstorms come, many charged equipment has become high-risk items, such as engraving machines. In thunderstorm weather, it is very easy to have accidents if everyone does not take measures to deal with them. It can be said that it is very common for engraving machines to be struck by lightning. I don't know if you know how to prevent engraving machines from being struck by lightning. Recently, there have been many thunderstorms, and some customers have reported that machines and computers have been damaged by thunder. Every year, 7, 8 and March are the months with more rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning. In this season, everyone must be careful with machines. Here I will teach you a few tricks. 1. The habit of turning off the switch and disconnecting the power supply when the machine is not in use. Reduce unnecessary losses. 2. Please do not use engraving machine when thunder occurs. Cut off all power. 3. Connect a lightning rod under conditions. 4, engraving machine and engraving machine distribution box and computer connected to the bottom line, the bottom line should be deep. This technique can be applied to all engraving machine types such as stone engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, jade engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, cylinder engraving machine, etc. 1. There are many thunderstorms in summer. Engraving machines must ensure good grounding, reduce electrostatic interference, improve machine stability and protect operators. 2. Do not use the engraving machine as a place with humidity or air humidity greater than 35%. The engraving machine adopts steel structure or cast iron structure, however, the 'brain' of engraving machine is all electronic components composed of circuit boards, which are used to generate unnecessary faults such as short circuit in humid air. 3. Summer is usually the peak period of residents' electricity consumption and is often accompanied by thunderstorms, and the voltage of the power supply line is often unstable, which often shows that the main shaft of the engraving machine stops again, the engraving machine with lower configuration will also produce phenomena such as overload burning of the driver. It is suggested that the customer connect the voltage stabilizer of the corresponding model under the guidance of our technician to reduce unnecessary losses. When the thunderstorm weather comes again, everyone can take the above measures to avoid the lightning strike of their engraving machine, which is very practical and effective.
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