Matters needing attention in the use of woodworking engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Many workers cause machine failure due to some mistakes, which poses a certain threat to people's safety in serious cases. In the ordinary operation, be sure to know the situation in advance, carefully read the precautions so that you can avoid some mistakes and let the work proceed normally. The following is a brief introduction to the matters needing attention of woodworking engraving machine. These problems should be paid attention to in the process of use. Friends who are interested must not miss it! First, to return to zero, when we learn the vernier caliper, we will return to zero after using it, and also analyze the consequences of not returning to zero, which will cause errors. The same is true for woodworking engraving machines. Remember to return to zero in time after use. This will avoid unnecessary errors and will not affect subsequent operations. Second, adjust the speed, before use, must be adjusted with the speed, otherwise there will be a broken knife. Because the speed is too slow or too fast is very bad, it will cause some obstacles to the operation of the machine. If you set the knife yourself, you must pay attention to insulation and protect your own safety. Three, regular refueling, if you don't use it for a long time, you should cheer it up and let it idle. I believe everyone knows that there will be a temporary shock after the computer is placed for a period of time. If it is not used, it should be turned on regularly, which is very helpful for the future operation of the machine, it will not be degraded due to long-term failure. When using the engraving machine, we must pay attention to these matters, so that we can avoid some unnecessary mistakes, which is also a way to protect the engraving machine. Regular maintenance of woodworking engraving machines is very necessary, and regular maintenance must be remembered.
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