Make engraving machine and shaft sleeve of the base adapter bushing effect what are the benefits?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Many wood friends ask engraving machine shaft sleeve in addition to the production of dovetail joint, and when to use. There are many orders have to buy other brand or homebred wood engraving machine cannot be installed directly children's collar, or used without the engraving machine is suitable for the floor floor should be how to create a adapter sleeves. The following article tells of how to create a base plate and shaft sleeve. Engraving machine shaft sleeve in addition to the used when making dovetail with tooth plate movement outside and there are many other USES. The simplest and the most commonly used way is in & lt; < DIY woodworking basis & gt;> Mentioned in the - Use it to against the template movement to milling smooth edge. Of course, we also see the milling cutter end milling cutter with a bearing, he and the role of the shaft sleeve is the same, but 99% of the bearing at the end of milling cutter, milling cutter shaft sleeve on the roots and different purposes. Now let's look at wei, black at the bottom of the carving machine and shaft sleeve, and the appearance of the original shaft sleeve adapter ring. This is wei DW625, black light, and DW618 with original adapter at the mouth of the base plate. If you do not have original shaft sleeve adapter hole machine, or other brand machine will need to make a base plate ( Abroad, in addition to their original shaft sleeve, the other brand of engraving machine is used to match the size of the base adapter sleeves, because he is the most widely used, wooden children's card is created according to the size) 。 Below is a paragraph I give black light carving mechanism as a floor below me to teach you how to make engraving machine base plate to suit collar: 1, you need of the organic glass ready, I choose is 1 cm thick ( Or thinner can) Transparent organic glass, some wood friends use bakelite, fiberboard are also possible. Using the original floor than the draw the outline on the organic glass, and then use band saw cutting shape. Engraving machine floor not to do the same, as long as he can put on your machine, and bring convenient use, you can design the shape, such as the following, is now can draw round plate can be made of flower round plate: 2, determine the position of the bottom plate fixed screw, only first fixed base plate is convenient to find the center of the floor, open collar before and cutter concentric. I'll find out the position of a screw empty, with different diameter size 3 pointed bits to drill a screw hole and screw nut sink hole. 3, using this hole, accurate to find the precise location of the other three hole, then the same method for fixed screw holes. 4, and then to determine the center of the base adapter hole. I am a milling cutter with a point to draw the center hole: 5, have a center, make adaptation hole is about to begin. Bushing is one of the biggest foreign economic 35 mm, thread overseas economic cooperation is a 30 mm, just the openings for can cooperate with standard ( 3/8 inch is 1, and 1 1/8 ') With 35 mm (first 1 3/8 of an inch) To offer big 5 mm deep hole, in the position of the concentric with a 30 mm ( 1 1/8 of an inch) Drive through. Here is to must pay attention to the opening direction don't mistake, otherwise wasted. Diamond core drill down the location of the sink and screw hole on the same side, When you use on the opposite side of the center of the milling cutter points) Here, the most important part is ready, simply put, is described in the work without me. According to your design can continue production or finished here. By the way, remember to tore up protection models on the organic glass will appear transparent organic glass, don't think I have to organic glass was ugly.
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